Do not think, once you’ve changed the water and bird seed in your bird’s cage that you are done with your pet bird care for the day. Keeping your fluttery pet healthy and happy involves more than that, since after all, birds are living things with more than merely basic needs. And it doesn’t matter what sort of bird breeds you’ve acquired as pets, because if you are to be a good, responsible pet owner, then all of the needs particular to those birds must be taken care of properly.

Another way to provide psychological pet bird care is to keep your bird’s mind active and engaged. Give it lots of things to explore and chew on. Some websites and pet stores offer a variety of bird toys, such as dangling bells, swings, ropes and untreated wood blocks. These need to be of an appropriate size, with parts that can’t be broken off and swallowed. And if the bird is allowed to fly free at times, then you also need to watch so it doesn’t chew on electrical wires or ingest small objects that could cause it to choke.

It may sound odd to think of birds as creatures that want to socialize with you, yet this kind of interaction is also a part of pet bird care. Even if you feel it’s not safe to open the pet bird cage and let your bird fly freely, you can still spend some time each day talking to it. It may even grow comfortable with your opening the age and putting your hand in so it can sit on a finger or be stroked. Caring for your bird involves keeping it active and interested as well as just seeing to its physical needs.

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